Catalina Carrasco at “Invisible Reality”

Our work is filled with transverse lines connecting different points, to create a language that does not obey the normativity, but analyses it. We intend to detach ourselves from conventionalism, to distill our own language through the exploration of the physical, social and emotional body.
Our pieces are articulated through political and poetic contents, from the observation of the territory, the gender, the violence, the love and the freedom.
We are increasingly addressing young audiences, trying to enrich a sometimes bleak moral / cultural landscape, lacking principles and perspective, in order to nurture and arouse at least curiosity.

Catalina Carrasco & Gaspar Morey

Catalina Carrasco is a dancer, choreographer & performer. The starting point of her work is motion research. Searching for the essential and for the transformation of the own body. Her creations are very sincere and rarely leave the spectator untouched. She has been awarded several times on her own, but also collaborating with other artists. She has performed all around Europe, Middle east, South America and Asia.

Gaspar Morey is a performer and a scientist (PhD in Biomechanics). As a biomechanist he has been studying human motion from a scientific point of view. He’s always had an interest for scenic arts, especially for contemporary dance.  he started collaborating with Catalina Carrasco in 2009. In 2012 he quit his job as biomechanist to found Baal together with Catalina.

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