Clove, memories of a hedgehog


A performance for street and non conventional venues.
Duration: 20 min
Creation and interpretationIsabel Castro Jung and Catalina Carrasco.


“Festival Corpus Media” de Toulouse. May 2010
Fira Tàrrega. Setember 2010

Prizes and Awards

Visual arts award Jaume I
Participation at the EU project – Corpus Media
Selected for Optica 2012


Spain, France, Latin America


Concept: Blind confidence.
El aim: hit the nail on the head being blindfolded.
The challenge: Defeat the fear, defeat the doubt.
Failing may cause big pain.
Succeeding can be a victory and gain confidence.
Faith: guide and protector.
The nail: a defense or an escape.
The best defense, a good attack.
Clove – anesthetic.
The one who makes you indolent.
A whole physical experience.
Balloons, a strange body
they are like ghosts, occupying
space with “nothing”. They are like the fears pushing you down,
but they are as well as the illusions, the dreams,
for being almost as fragile as soap bubbles.
There is an inner fight.
Do we remain quiet, lethargic, or does the research keep on going?


Georgina Sas. Cuaderno cultural Diario de Mallorca, 17/06/10 No. 571

“… The latex dresses created by Isabel Castro Jung are by themselves sculptural elements on their own. which are applied to the dancer’s body and move to its own rythm, unfolding a whole spectrum of feelings associated to dance, the maximal expression of motion…
… On one side there is something to build with, on the other, a weapon to destroy and that does not allow anyone to approach. It reminds me to one of the latest performances from Marina Abramovic.”


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