3Crotch – for street & non conventional venues –

Multidisciplinary show merging dance, theatre and performance, reflecting about gender.

Duration: 20 minutes
Author: Catalina Carrasco
Performers: Catalina Carrasco, Elena Lalucat or Aina Pascual Silva, Reinaldo Ribeiro
Text review and drama: Miriam Escurriola, Carme Martínez


February 10th 2017, CuLTUREN, Västerås, Sweden


CROTCH, the place where the legs join. Is it here where gender resides?
Who said fear, shame, hide yourself? Fuck it! We’re visible, disobedient and dissident bodies.

3Crotch is a show that utilises dance and performance to dig into the construction of gender identity . It deals with sexual violence, inequality, different forms of sexual identity and places us in front a the mirror of artificial, widely accepted, stereotypes created by a heteropatriarchal and neo-liberal society.
Its language is direct, physical, avant-gardist and provocative. Its rhythm and intensity capture the audiences attention, crating a space for communication and sincerity.


The starting point of 3CROTCH are real biographic experiences. The three performers show a choreography that is accompanied by short texts that empathize with the audience.

In 20 minutes 3CROTCH distills the essence from what happens in CROTCH, the 50 minutes theatre version.

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