We do and offer our research at LA ESFÉRICA as well as anywhere we’re invited to do so.

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“Miró Dancelab”

Miró Dancelab is based on the creative process of MiraMiró and comprises three different workshops, each targeting a different age group:

  • CONSTELLATIONS: From 18 years on. Duration 2.5h (can be adapted to different needs)
    A workshop on movement where we work on improvisation and immediate composition. We will create a choreography where the movement of the bodies in the space will become a new, particular and ephemeral constellation.
  • BIG BANG: Age 12 and 17. Duration 2 sessions x 2h (can be adapted to different needs)
    We work on choreography, occupation of space and the relationship to others in space and movement using motion and our bodies as tools. At the same time we experiment on concepts related to the creation of the universe.
  • COLOURS IN MOTION: Age 8 to 11. Duration 2 sessions x 1h (can be adapted to different needs)
    How does red move? How is yellow’s voice? Departing from the paintings from Joan Miró we will play to bring colours to life, dancing them and discover an infinite world of figures.

Foto: Constellations workshop at the Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró de Mallorca

“CROTCH workshop”

Workshop tied to the presentation of CROTCH. When ever possible, at each new venue where CROTCH is presented, we will offer this WS prior to the local premiere. The WS is although open to anyone is aimed at the feminist, transfeminist and the LGBTI collectives.

Anyone interested in researching about gender through body motion is welcome.

We will analyse the gender stereotypes of masculine and feminine as they are understood in our society. Then these schemes will be broken to find an own body that does not require a definition and much less being classified into any dichotomic male-female cluster.

“Dance and interactive technology”

Two parallel Workshops. One for dance with Catalina Carrasco and another for interactive technology with Pure Data and or ISADORA using the smartphone as a sensor, with Gaspar Morey. After half of the sessions, both groups will join and create compositions and choreographies.

“Dance and Conscious Movement workshop”

There are four main types of workshops, all based on the principles listed below under Methods.

  1. Lonely as can be: the focus here is on individual work. We will look into how to find new ways of moving, getting out of our comfort zone, surprising others and yourself. There is a part of movement technique, another part of improvisation and research and finally a part of choreography or immediate composition, depending on the group.
  2. Alone or not alone: this workshop focuses on duets, trios and groups. Departing from listening to others and being in contact we will work on concepts as opposed forces, weight, (im)balance, manipulation, impulse, quotidian gestures and abstract movement. Immediate composition and choreography are also a part this workshop.
  3. Upside down: this workshop focuses in overcoming any limit, fear or prejudice; in taking risk and participating in complete freedom; in being able to get into, remain, resist, transform. Herein everything is valid, as long as there is consciousness.
  4. Create, creating, created: the focus here is on how every participant can create using her/his body, voice, relation with her/himself, with the space and with an object. Several objects are proposed; each participant chooses one and will work with it all days: insisting, deepening and repeating as to see the evolution of the material.


  • Improve the consciousness of every action and deepen into perception
  • Conscious utilisation of breath and its sound
  • Technique from the easiness and smoothness, this way improving presence.
  • Listening: partner work, trios and quartets by means of exercises and choreographies
  • Improving creativity, surprise, action and reaction. Being more present and open to what’s happenig at the very instant
  • Catch the momentum, the impulse, detect it and create instantly
  • Find freedom into creation and movement, so that unprecedented can emerge.
  • Value trust and experience, defeat doubt


  • There is always a part for research and another one for creation, that could be by means of instantaneous composition or choreography.


Catalina Carrasco

Dancer, choreographer, dance teacher. Graduated in contemporary dance at the Miguel Hernández University. Further dance education in Londres, Berlin, Rejkyavik, Barcelona, Madrid & Tel Aviv. She has been educated in ballet, butoh, dance theatre, contemporary dance (Limon, Graham, Release, fly-low, CI, improvisation & Gaga) she’s practising Yoga and Katsugen for several years. In her workshops she uses all the knowledge acquired during her many years of experience as a performer in several companies in Madrid, Barcelona, Majorca, Chile & Germany and her more than 10 years experience as a dance teacher. So, she applies all her own research and takes benefit of the acquired experiences. In her classes one main target is finding the own particular movement, following schemes developed by her own and that led her to find her own language.


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