Invisible Reality


Dance performance with video projection
For theatre venues
Duration: 50 min.
Creation: Catalina Carrasco
Perfomers: Catalina Carrasco (life), Susana Fuenmayor (video).


Work in progress during 2012.
Premiere final version in April 2013 at Dock11 (Berlín).


Spain, Germany, France, Finland & Hungary.


Two women are part of one and the same being; the conscious and the subconscious. They represent the multiple personalities living inside us, emotions and primary instincts. They travel from one emotion to another, building diverse characters, sometimes these are opposed, others complementary. From bodies having memory to bodies transforming themselves. An essay on encounters, discoveries and acceptation.

In Invisible Reality dance and video are in continuous communication, one life performer and the other one on the screen. A translucent screen placed midway of the scene allows the bodies to melt, creating poetic and suggestive images.


Martin Breuninger at “Mallorca-Kultur”.
“… “Invisible Reality” goes from organic to orgastic. Categories as “I like it” and “I don’t like it” do not apply to this piece, since Carrasco renounced completely to gracious figures. When the inner child or the sexuality come to expression, the confrontation between instinct and convention is inevitable. All that has to do with force, anger, frustration and devilment, before it comes to a reconciliation between the opposed poles… ” Majorca, March, 2012.
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Emilio Tenorio at “ Portal de danza”
“…I liked both prior shows of the “Miradas al cuerpo” festival very much, but this one I liked it even more.
It would be worth it only for seeing the interesting work this dancer-performer makes with the video projection. But in addition to that, her dancing and interpretative work, even when when she’s not interacting with the video, is excellent.
It will be played until Monday and I recommend not to miss this show. I feel like I’m going to repeat” Madrid, September 13th 2013.
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Video Teaser

Video/Interview – Antic Teatre


Other media appearances

Video. Antena 3 TV News. [View here]

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