Educational projects

Alek & Sophie

Alek & Sophie is a danced, visual & sound-art performance, featuring interactive technology that is participative for children and families.


Dance and videoanimation show for the little ones.
Premiered on november 2017.
Whenever the venue allows for it, after the show, the little ones can paint their impressions, whereas the “adults” can talk with the creators of the show.

CROTCH for teens

Dance-performance show reflecting on gender identity.
It includes workshop and laboratory for adolescents.
Up to 4 adolescents participate in the show, together with the Baal cast.


Dance and video performance displaying a distopic future, that will make us think about several topics.
GINOIDE: Female resembling robot. Nana (the Ginoide) was designed following the stereotyped canons that objectify women. Rules that prevail in our neoliberal society, where consumption sets the rules that our bodies, real or fake, have to obey.

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