Baal is a fresh and peculiar look towards dance, unbound from conventions to articulate its own language. We explore the body with its wishes, thoughts and emotions. Always looking for establishing new dialogues with the audience and the technology. Within BAAL are:


Catalina Carrasco - Artistic director

Catalina is the artistic motor of BAAL: Her restlessness, her non-conformism and her panic to boredom are her fuel. She graduated in Contemporary Dance at Miguel Hernández University and has been trained in different countries and disciplines, from classic to the most contemporary, passing through Butoh and theatre. She took classes even in Nepal because of her curiosity of learning new ways of moving. Whilst finishing her studies, she started dancing in TV-shows and Cabaret and became member of a professional dance company in Madrid. Later on she has worked in companies en Barcelona, Majorca, Santiago de Chile, Berlin and Cologne.
Her urgent need to create led her to produce short pieces which have been awarded on several occasions and in 2012 it led to found her own company together with Gaspar Morey.

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Gaspar Morey - Technical director

Gaspar Morey studied Physical Education in Spain and earned his PhD in Biomechanics from the Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln (German Sport University of Cologne). He spent most of his professional life studying human motion in biomechanics labs. Then he switched from scientific research to artistic research. He finds his way into scenic arts through technology and later on also as a performer. For him there are no limits between the roles of researching, creating, being a technician or a performer. Gaspar actually does all this inside Baal.

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