A&S: Space travellers

Plastic art, soundart & dance for everyone

Target age: 2 to 99 years

Artistic Team

Concept and author · Catalina Carrasco

Interactive technology, visuals and lighting · Gaspar Morey

Performers · Catalina Carrasco & MAX

Music & text · Enrique Barrenengoa

Voice-over · Aitor Quiñonero, Susan Power & Aina Compte

Costumes · Angie Vallori

Scenery assistance · Arquitectives

Distribution · Marta Guzmán Management

Acknowledgements · Elena Susilla & Aina Compte


27/11/22 (Preview) Teatre de Vilafranca, Mallorca

29/12/23 Teatre d’Esporles – Premiere of the reviewed version


A scenic proposal that aims to generate empathy, fantasy, dialogue and communication, within a fantastic Martian universe. We build an unknown place filled with volumes, circles and spheres. Beings from another planet come to this world to interact and play with terrestrials.

A surreal work with plastic and pictorial magic was created thanks to objects, dance, the relationship with technology and the public’s participation. A “proximity utopia”, through a shared space.


We propose an artistic practice opposing the hegemonic relationship models in the production and exhibition processes. For this, we look at the artistic movements Dada and Fluxus. In particular, we have worked conceptually with two key female artists in the abstract movement of the early 20th century: Sophie Taeuber and Aleksandra Ekster.
The interest in these two artists resides, on the one hand, in their objectual and iconographic aesthetics, and on the other, in disseminating their work, aligning ourselves into the movement towards changing the equivocal timeline of the history of Art, written until the very recently under the heteronormative gaze of white men.

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