Improvisation show for singular venues
Duration: 20 min.
Performers: Catalina Carrasco and a musician (usually is a musician from the city/village wherever we play)


Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró – 1st Seminar on Art and deep Psycology – September 2014


Catalina Carrasco, dancer-performer and a musician , build up the Amalgama crew, usually accompanied by a technician and organising assistant. Both artists are able to make instantaneous creations with a surprising spontaneity.

This is a unique and ephemeral performance: A dancer improvising on top of a musician’s improvisation and vice-versa both inspired by the audiences responses to a given question written on a piece of paper. The question uses to be in accordance with the event. This way it Amalgama allows dealing with issues as gender inequality, sexual violence, a particular anniversary, etc . The audience’s responses are the germ of every new improvisation creating a singular experience merging artists and audience.

Amalgama has been played by different musicians such as the multiinstrumentalist Michael Brown (percussion, saxo, flute, ukelele, voice…), Damià Matas (guitar), Gabi Espinosa (viola), among others.



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