Travelling to nowhere


Travelling to nowhere

Dance and interactive technology performance
Show for theater (there is “Travelling“, the non-conventional places version)
Duration: 60 min.
Creation and interpretation: Catalina Carrasco and Gaspar Morey


Sa Congregació, Sa Pobla – November 5th 2014

Prizes and awards

Best project ACDIB 2013
Best show CENIT 2014 Theater Research.
Circuito de la Red de teatros alternativos 2015 (National Network of Alternative Theatres’ Circuit)
AECID Catalogue 2016


Spain, Germany (Tanzfestival Bielefeld), Greece, Mexiko.


This piece reflects on day dreaming and accomplishing or not the dreams. It also deals with the fears we need to cope in order to achieve our goals, and the anxiety this leads to. Finally it allows a peek into the pleasure of accomplished dreams. All this happens surrounded by an interesting soundscape that is created by the dancers movement and some collaborators from the audience. She’s wearing asensor that will generate several sounds, and the volunteering audience can also generate sound by connecting their smartphones to the computer. One of the volunteers, instead of making sound, will change the ambient colour. Some other people sitting on the audience will have their voice recorded during the welcome wine, whilst reading postcards. Their voices will also be part of the “Travelling to Nowhere” soundtrack.


Dolores Guerrero. El correo de Andalucía.

“… An imaginative narration plenty of freshness and talent, “
“… an exquisite dancistic and theatrical play which achieves in full what it pretends to: getting the audience to travel to an unknown, abstract terrain, shared by everyone, that “nowhere” where every piece of art should carry us.” Sevilla,  November 07th,  2015

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 Antje Dossman. Neue Westfälische 10/07/2015
“…an extraordinary and incredibly thrilling show…”
“…So it was a bath in alternating emotions and lots of material to think about. It is not surprising that the audience, after thanking Catalina Carrasco with a long applause for the radical, intelligently thought and excellently interpreted choreography and Gaspar Morey for his genial participation, remained seated for several minutes on their seats.” July 10th, 2015

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What some viewers have said…

“My most enthusiastic congratulations for the show: Suggestive, fresh, intense, delicate, powerful, with a sweeping scenic presence in its simplicity and sincerity, a admirable work in rhythm and movement, a scenic proposal with a great aesthetic coherence, subtle, complex, outright… I’ve enjoyed as a child. Thank you.”

Teatre Inestable. Valencia. October 10th, 2015

Rafa Rodríguez. Professor of the Performing Arts High School from Valencia ESADV

“…For me it was a very precise journey: to the very heart of the spirit of the “Revue Nègre” from the 30’s at Broadway and Paris… The main character Catalina Carrasco, in her way of dancing, makes me feel the same exotic flair, the same uninhibited and attractive sensuality, the same wild freshness. What a talent! She’s the XXI century Josephine Baker”

Teatro Victoria. Tenerife. December 6th, 2015

Enzo Scala – Theater director and Professor for interpretation and theatre pedagogy at the Highschol for performing arts of the Canary Islands E.A.C. [Read more]



Video. Interview to Catalina Carrasco. [Watch here]

Audio. Interview in Red de Teatros Alternativos to Catalina Carrasco. [Listen here]

Photo Gallery “Travelling to Nowhere”

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