CROTCH for teens

Crotch for teens

Multidisciplinary show – new scenic languages: dance, theatre and performance, that reflects on gender identity, made for and with teens.

Creation: Catalina Carrasco
Performers: Catalina Carrasco, Elena Lalucat, Reinaldo Ribeiro + local teens
Text review and drama: Miriam Escurriola, Carme Martínez
Technical direction & Lighting: Gaspar Morey

There is also the original theatre version for adults as well as a short version for non conventional venues.

Premiere of the version for teens

Teatre Ateneu de Tàrrega june 2018


CROTCH for teens, was born after deteting the urgent need for preventive actions in the educational context. Answers to the needs of the  teens regarding information and references in all that related to gender inequality, sexual diversity as well as the trans* people identities.

We’ve read that social need affecting many (possibly the majority) of the teens. We do honestly believe that this project can help providing answers and put in its two pence worth towards a future where gender, sexual orientation, etc. would not have any more social relevance than the colour of the eyes or the hair.


CROTCH for teens targets mainly pupils from ages between 16 to 18.


  • Make the teens gain awareness about the need of gender equality, the respect towards people with sexual diversity  as homosexuals and/or bisexuals; fight against homofobia and transfobia, normalize trans* people and make them visible and educate towards non violence
  • Provide useful and meaningful tools for entities, associations, schools and collectives that want to help disfavoured groups as transsexual people by making them visible, or deal with gender violence by means of dance and scenic arts


  • Make the teens gain awarenes about identity diversity
  • Work on the relation with the “other’s” body
  • Appreciate the differences and similarities between bodies
  • Communicate using body language
  • Show the teens the daily issues we’re still living nowadays in relation to gender
  • Identify gender violence, inequality for being a woman or a trans* person and the non normative sexualities in a very honest and sensitive manner
  • Explore gender and deconstruct the idea of feminine and masculine that has been imposed to us by the neoliberal and heteropatriachal society we’re lining in

Video Teaser

This teaser belongs to the CROTCH version for adults, soon we’ll publish the youth version teaser.


Foto gallery “CROTCH per a adolescentes”


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