Dance and interactive technology performance
A performance for street and non conventional venues (based in “Travelling to nowhere” for Theaters)
Duration: 25 min
Creation and Interpretation: Catalina Carrasco and Gaspar Morey


Fira Tàrrega, September 2014

Prizes and awards

Best project ACDIB 2013
Best show CENIT 2014 Theater Research.
Circuito de la Red de teatros alternativos 2015 (National Network of Alternative Theatres’ Circuit)
AECID Catalogue 2016


Spain, France (La becquée), Belgium-Germany (Dance in the city), Mexiko, Korea (Si-Dance, BIDAM).


The sounscape creates varying atmospheres where different quotidian situations come up. These are sometimes carried to abstraction and all of them relate to the wish of finding the ideal place to be. Would it be Honolulu?

Daydreaming and achieving or not the own dreams, cope the fears to reach our goals, the anxiety and the pleasure of accomplishing a dream. Travelling to Honolulu as a symbol of freedom.

A show merging dance and interactive technology. The performer wears a 3D accelerometer. The motion data are used in real time to generate, modulate or trigger sounds that create part of the soundtrack.


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